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ASU students stand up for Syrian civilians: Vigil expresses solidarity with victims of Russian air strikes

By Maham Haq –

A dozen Arizona State University students gathered Oct. 2 outside Old Main on the university campus to stand in solidarity with the victims of Russian air strikes that killed 33 civilians and three children in Syria on Sept. 30.

The vigil was organized by Students Organize for Syria (SOS), a group formed in 2012   to raise awareness of the humanitarian crisis in Syria and to assist in the country’s rebuilding.

Since the early spring of 2011, Syria has been the center of a revolution. The crisis began with nationwide protests against President Bashar al-Assad’s government, which in turn responded violently. After months of military sieges, the protests turned into an armed rebellion by various groups, most notably the Free Syrian Army and the Islamic Front. As of this year, the death toll has risen above 220,000, more than 7.6 million Syrians have been displaced, and more than 5 million have fled to neighboring countries as refugees. Following the use of chemical weapons and the torture of protesters and activists in state prisons, the Syrian government has been chastised internationally for violating human rights.

Most recently, Russia has shown support of al-Assad’s regime and says it is targeting ISIS and other terrorist groups with air strikes. On Sept. 30, however, the Russian air strikes were accused of attacking civilians and groups opposing al-Assad. Most of the areas targeted in the strikes were not even under ISIS control.

Russia’s involvement is being questioned by many who feel it is necessary to stand up for the Syrian civilians, including the SOS organization at ASU.

Ridhwaan Syed, 19, of Tempe, who also attended the vigil, said that events like the civilian deaths “often become nothing more than 15-second clips on the news, mere statistics. We forget that these people have lives, people who love them, and now they’re gone. These vigils are little reminders to keep us from forgetting that.”


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