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App Review: Light of Islam

Comprehensive Muslim guide is the only one you’ll need

By Maham Haq –

Are you looking for an all-inclusive Muslim guide app? Light of Islam, a free app designed by Rashad Kabir, is the prime tool for comprehensive Islamic knowledge available for both Android and iPhone devices. The extensive capabilities of this app are impressive. Light of Islam offers the Qur’an in eight different languages including Arabic, Bangla, English, French, Spanish, Urdu, Hindi and Malay. It also offers a verse-by-verse breakdown of Surahs along with their translation. Prayer times, a compass to determine prayer direction, a Ramadan time schedule, the Hijri and Gregorian Calendar, and a vast amount of Hadith in Arabic, English, Chinese and Spanish are also part of the app.

Along with all of these features, Light of Islam includes an open forum open for discussion among its users. This is a proposed as a safe place for the users to get involved and ask questions about Islam, to be addressed by other users.

Light of Islam offers its users Islamic wallpapers in HD graphics that can be downloaded and stored in the user’s devices. Last updated in October 2015, the app is up-to-date and free of major problematic bugs.

However, I have to say, the advertisements displayed at the bottom of the app are irritating and can get in the way of the app at times. Light of Islam offers all of its features for free but requires a purchase for an ad-free version.

All in all though, this is the best and most inclusive Islamic app I have found. Instead of having multiple apps, like one for prayer times and another for hadiths and Surahs, I find that with this app, I have everything I need all in one place. With a quick tap on a tab, I can direct myself to any of the features the app provides.

The app’s elegant layout that is both effective and easy to use earns it a 4.5/5.

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