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Zabiha meat gets the All-American treatment

By Kent Barry –

If you’re looking for a great, healthy, high-quality zabiha burger, chances are you’ve faced some challenges. Despair no more. Burger n’ Fries in Scottsdale serves burgers made with Creekstone Beef, a source that is zabiha-verified. The beef is all-natural, free from any added hormones or antibiotics and is from grass-fed cows.

This is real meat, and you can taste the difference. You can fully customize your burger with numerous toppings, some for an additional charge, or pick from one of the handful of predesigned burgers.

The meat isn’t overly seasoned, or made to taste like a kabob, which is the issue I often have when getting a simple burger from zabiha restaurants that serve Mediterranean or southeast Asian cuisine.

The buns are light and don’t take away from the taste of the meat or extras.

I tried the All-American burger with all the fixings and added a little barbeque sauce for an extra kick.

At under $6, the price is well worth it. If you have a bigger appetite, I’d suggest getting two patties instead of one. This will cost you an additional $1 but it’ll make the burger a bit more sustaining.

The atmosphere is modern and clean with lots of natural light and ample outdoor seating. It’s a casual setting with plenty of seating. It’s also worth noting that the people at the establishment believe in being environmentally friendly. You will see this as soon as you sit on the chairs, which are made out of recycled Coca-Cola bottles, and their tables are made out of reclaimed wood. They also have a ginormous fan that keeps you cool while you munch on your food.

For those of you who like a good crisp cold soda to go with your burger, this location has a Coke freestyle machine that allows you to customize your drink by adding a wide variety of flavors into your favorite soda. It’s a little gimmicky, but adds a little more variety for those who may crave some additional excitement. To each their own, right?

You won’t get a gourmet burger from Burger n’ Fries, but you will get a good ol’ fashioned American burger with high-quality meat that actually tastes like meat. It doesn’t weigh you down after you eat it or make your digestive system feel like it’s trying to break down concrete. Keep in mind you’re still eating a burger, but the difference in meat quality is hard to ignore.

For anyone who is interested in keeping it simple but also keeping it within budget, without compromising on real food, this is a worthy stop.

My one criticism would be that the burger is a bit small overall as I was left a little wanting afterwards, but this can be remedied by adding another patty.

So if you’re craving a good zabiha burger that is all-natural, doesn’t break the bank and actually tastes like a burger, and not a kabob stuffed between two buns, have one at Burger n’ Fries.

I’d give it 4.5 out of 5 burgers.

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