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Noor Academy reaches key accreditation milestone

By Megan Smith –

Noor Academy, an Islamic school in Tempe, has been recommended for full accreditation by an external accreditation body, AdvancED. AdvancED is a non-profit organization that partners with private schools in order to ensure quality education. This organization is well-known and respected. Currently, AdvancED works with over 32,000 schools across the globe.

Noor Academy is a small school that started out as the Phoenix Metro Islamic School (MIS) in 1998. In 2012, MIS moved to a brand-new facility in Tempe and became Noor Academy. The school boasts around 75 students and is continuing to grow. They teach pre-l through eighth grade.

Noor Academy Principal Fuad Alnatsheh said, “The process has been going the past two years.” To start the partnership with AdvancED, the school had to first apply. AdvancED then looked at the performance of the students. This was followed by surveys from parents, students and faculty. AdvancED also assesses how the families feel about the current level of education their children receive. After carefully looking over the education plans AdvancED creates an improvement plan. At the end of the final review an Index Evaluation Quality or IEQ is accumulated. That is when the school is eligible to start on track for full accreditation.

For the academy, this is a very important step, particularly for the students. As the school
continues to grow, Alnatsheh said, they hope to expand to high school students in the next five years.

Another positive outcome of the partnership is support from AdvancED. The material that
AdvancED can provide helps reach the school’s goal of quality education, by helping the
teachers as well. The website offers conference series, workshops and videos geared towards educators. Teachers can learn from other educators and collaborate on new projects by learning new methods. By having AdvancED as a partner, teachers will get support to help them fully educate students.

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