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Blind couple leads drive to provide free braille copies of Qur’an

By Tracey Tong –

A blind married couple is raising funds with the goal of making Islam accessible to blind and visually impaired people.

Yadira and Nadir Thabatah aim to provide the Islamic community with free braille copies of Islamic literature in English.

Yadira, who is completely blind, and Nadir, who is legally blind, started their online fundraiser in late March at The fundraiser, which is scheduled to wrap up May 23, has raised nearly $18,000 of its $20,000 goal.

This project will allow the Thabatahs to offer literature on Islam in braille to the blind Muslim community. The funds will go towards launching a non-profit organization called Islam By Touch which will be dedicated to producing and distributing free braille copies of the Saheeh International translations of the Holy Qur’an and other Islamic literature.

Currently, there are no free braille copies of English translations of Islamic literature available to the public, according to the Thabatahs.

Married for eight years with three children, Yadira said that coming to Islam “has been the biggest blessing in my life.”

She said that whenever she asked to read an English translation of the holy Qur’an or books on the prophets in braille, she was told to listen to audio recordings of the information she was requesting.

“Enabling the blind Muslim members of the community the opportunity to read Islamic literature in braille would allow for the same choice to be held as every sighted counterpart,” the Thabatahs stated on their fundraising website. “The availability and accessibility of Islamic texts would solidify blind Muslims as validated members of the Ummah.”

The organization will start by circulating the free braille copies to mosques, Islamic centers, libraries and organizations for the blind across the United States but ultimately, this literature will be available worldwide.

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